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aboutLactSpeak is a forum for professional lactation speakers to list their services, enabling conference and event planners to find professional lactation speakers for their venues.

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aboutA professional speaker will draw larger attendance, increasing profits. She will also give more informative and entertaining sessions, which will increase audience satisfaction, as well as future attendance. Conference planners almost always find that their conferences are dramatically improved with the investment of a professional speaker!

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welcome to lactspeak This is your one-stop destination when you need a professional speaker for your lactation conference. Our site hosts an impressive cadre of talented speakers in the field of lactation, including many top-notch clinicians, authors, and researchers. These are the speakers your audience wants to hear. Feel free to browse our site to meet our excellent speakers and discover the tools that will help make your next conference a tremendous success.

Speaker Focus

Jill Bergman

Jill Bergman loves children!

She holds a degree in Geography and English, and a higher diploma in education.  She has worked as a teacher, lecturer, missionary, counselor, guider and youth leader, in three different cultures using three languages. Nevertheless, her top priority is her family, with three children that all breastfed for 18 months, and are now bright and super youngsters. All along she has been working with Dr Nils Bergman on Kangaroo Mother Care (KMC).  She has written a book called “Hold Your Prem”, a workbook on skin-to-skin contact for parents of premature babies; as well as scripted and produced four films on KMC.